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New album "Combat Cathedral" out on May 20th



After Robert Gonnella has left the band in the beginning of 2014 ASSASSIN found a new vocalist.
„We have been hanging around in our reheasal room like being knocked
out, when this guy suddenly showed up and started to sing like a slap in
our face!“, Michael Hoffmann describes the situation the band was stucking in.
The new frontman calls himself Ingo „Crowzak“ Bajonczak and some of
you may know him from bands like „Lord of Giant“, „Supersoma“ or
„:New Damage“. „He is not only a 'fill in': With his guitar playing skills he is able to communicate on the same level with the band,“ ASSASSIN is bringing it to the point.
You ASSASSIN-fans out there have to wait a little more for seeing them
live. The band is busy with the new album, going to be released with
SPV/Steamhammer like the last one „Breaking the Silence“.


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Blood and gore all over the place, smelly feet in a car with closed windows, and as if that wasn’t enough, there are roadies crawling through grotty attics, interspersed with wild parties, plenty of drugs and hectolitres of alcoholic beverages – somehow you can’t make up your mind which of these countless choleric excesses of a wonderfully and thoroughly uncivilised cohabitation you’d most like to have been a part of.

Thrash metal act Assassin were there all the way. Which is why they will probably be the last survivors of the human race when Planet Earth plunges – as predicted – into the abyss this coming winter. Mind you: should Armageddon really materialise, they at least had a good time. Where? In Frankfurt and Hagen, in Lichtenfels and Bochum, in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, but also ... wait for it! ... in Osaka (!). March 2010 saw eight cameras witness Assassin conquer that Japanese city, pulling out all the stops at the True Thrash Fest.

Not only were Assassin’s two furioso shows caught on camera, but also the every-day madness this chaos squad lives with. So should the world not come to an end after all, you will be able to watch all this and much more on double DVD, out on 23 November 2012 (Europe: 26 November 2012 USA/Kanada: t.b.a.). Chaos And Live Shots is the title of that footage (which is anything but confidential), presenting a thoroughly anarchistic band. Any questions?

Well how about this one: why is guitarist Michael Hoffmann pulled across the poker table like that? Or: why does drummer Björn Sondermann smash up his … hmm … well-kept Honda van? Why do the phones of the other band members ring all the time so they can’t ever seem to get down to some serious meditation? And why does this damn mobile have to ring when they’d much rather cheer on their favourite football team, Fortuna Düsseldorf, at the stadium?

Find answers to all these essential questions on Chaos And Live Shots, plus bizarre anecdotes and wild film sequences from the career of this five-piece trash band from Germany. ‘Uncle Tom’ Angelripper has his say, and the guys from Violent Force and Deathrow also feel called upon to voice their reminiscences, complemented by comments from original Assassin drummer Psycho Danger (the name says it all!), the band’s first manager, and various ex-bassists. And in between, there are lots of hard-as-nail thrash metal tracks courtesy of Assassin. Live from Osaka! Which we already mentioned above.

It’s a miracle that all this has meshed so well. Well, perhaps not quite. In fact it’s the merit of Julius Krenz, director and producer of this unusual double DVD. Julius Krenz appears to be pretty normal, earning his bread and butter at WDR TV. But Krenz happens to be into metal, so he couldn’t help but assist Assassin in their monumental project. A fatal decision, as he has come to realise. But at some point there was no way out. The result is a good three hours long, presents a number of the most important Assassin songs from the past 25 years and documents the ordinary madness of an extraordinary band. But then – what is ordinary in this day and age?

Having said that, it’s not exactly extraordinary that a band which was founded in 1983 has lots of stories to tell. And it’s not extraordinary that lots of wild thrash recordings were cut during that time. On the other hand, the way all this comes together on Chaos And Live Shots is pretty extraordinary. But Assassin wouldn’t be Assassin if the band hadn’t ignored all conventions when they got down to putting together the material. Chaos And Live Shots is brilliantly chaotic and wonderfully alive – which we already mentioned above …..

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ASSASSIN – Breaking the Silence CD SPV  201 1(#4 Oldschool Metal Maniac Mag)
Holy fucking cunt! After average ‘The Club’ released in 2005 I didn’t expect such a killer, head blowing and ass kicking album from Assassin. I may not be objective ‘cause I’m a sick maniac of old school German thrash including both Assassin albums recorded before split-up in 1989 but probably most maniacs here will totally agree with me. From the first notes of  breaking lead guitar in the beggining of the first, title song I was sure that it’s gonna be a harsh ride into the late 80s when bands like Assassin were on the top. What we’ve got here are well composed, diverse and perfectly long 10 tracks loaded with pure agression, rebellion and brutality. Two of them – Real Friends and No Fear - are re-recorded withr much more better sound songs from ‘The Club’. Every riff on this album is totally memorable and catchy in a positive way. Stylisticaly riffs are heavy rooted into the old school of the genre – you won’t find anything original, new and fresh on that material but this fact probably won’t dissapoint you – who the fuck is expecting from Assassin to experiment or go progressive ? I hope no one.  As I said before compositions here are diverse which make this album very absorbing. Mostly it’s based on fast tempos, thic and fast riffing with occasional, epic slow downs where guitars are leaving more space for bass to take a lead for a moment and also for a more – let me call it- melodic drumming for example in the second half of a ‘Turf War’. Guitar solos have a lot of early Slayer feeling – they’re more into a speed and brutality than melody or finesse.
Vocals here are more similar to The Club. I mean they’re not as raw and furious as on ‘The Upcoming Terror’ but they are much more melodic and even in some parts Gonella is almost singing - for example in “Destroy The State”.  There’s a lot of of great backing vocals reminding me of early Kreator albums – no fucking effects just pure and raw screams.  General production is impressive – everything sounds filthy, natural and clear at once. It also reminds a bit productions from late eighties. The only minus here are too quiet leads and solos. Worth mentioning are straight, rebellious and politically outspoken lyrics. All in all this album is a must have for every old school thrash metal maniac!

The name ASSASSIN has its own chapter in the Thrash book mainly for the debut “The Upcoming Terror”. An album that won a lot of attention and in my opinion apart from the classic three Thrash titans of Germany, that album was in the top 5 of what we once called the classic German Thrash scene. It is one of the few albums with only super hits, so ferocious, fast and violent that when it was first released not many metalheads could stand it. Classic in all its aspects, without a doubt. The second effort was sympathetic but far away from the levels that the debut had settled, and that was their last one back then.

The band was reborn around 2004/ 2005 and released “The Club” album that was a huge disappointment. Probably the hardcore music touch that replaced the old good Thrash mayhem and the bad sound production made the band to get lost into oblivion. So, here we have a good return, mostly into the Thrash realms; we can call it as the real ASSASSIN revival. Without being something fantastic, “Breaking The Silence” can win you specially if you were an old fan of the band. And there some good reasons for that.

First of all, at least three songs here are ideal for bloody headbanging. These are the first self-titled with the fast and furious riffing, the exhausting “Raise In The Dark” and “Destroy The State” that comes with a really nice intro although the ending of the song is a little bit destructive. “No Fear” and “Real Friends” that was previously released in “The Club” appear here too, but they are ten thousand times better mainly cause the production is very good, made by the master Harris Johns. That gives a lot of bonus to their new album; the sound brings something from the past that I liked a lot.

What is not working that good is the kind of monotonous approach of the band. Sometimes this will become a little boring. It seems that you hear the same thing each time and some nice parts inside like the bridge of “Turf War” get lost. That does not apply for all tracks but in general “Judas”, “Turf War”, “No Fear” of “Strike Back” are cool but nothing that I will remember for a long time.

Despite the above what is left after the end of the album is a good vibe I think. Micha is here, and together with Scholli can create razor riffs ideal for the savage voice of Gonnella. Even the cover of “I Like Cola” from OUTO (is there anyone out there remembering them?) makes “Breaking The Silence” worth checking. Plus is more that obvious that ASSASSIN still can deliver the goods regarding Thrash. They still have it. Simply as that.

Über 20 Jahre nach ihren 80er Klassikern "Upcoming Terror" und "Interstellar Experience" präsentieren uns die Düsseldorfer eine Thrash-Granate aller erster Güte. Als hätte es das 2005er Album "The Club" nie gegeben, schließt die Band nahtlos an die Leistung der 80er an. Das heißt, qualitiv hochwertigen, kompromißlosen, deutschen Thrash. Genial in Szene gesetzt von Harris Johns, der schon Alben von SODOM und VOIVOD und vielen mehr seinen Stempel aufdrückte. Auch diesmal hat er es wieder zustande gebracht den 80er Spirit ins Heute zu transportieren.

Schon der Opener und Titeltrack "Breaking The Silence" zeigt wo es lang geht. Straight forward Thrash irgendwo in der Schnittmenge von SODOM, KREATOR, EXODUS und ein bißchen SLAYER, der sich meistens im Midtempobereich bewegt mit gelegentlichen Ausflügen in schnellere Gefilde und genial eingestreute schwere, treibende, langsamere Parts mit leichten Hardcore Touch.

Einzelne Songs herauszuheben ist eigentlich unmöglich und auch gar nicht notwendig, da alle auf dem selben Qualitätsniveau sind. Schnell, kompromisslos, eingängig, herausragende Gitarrenarbeit mit vielen Soli, gepaart mit schnellem, aggressiven Drumming und relativ tiefem und aggressiven Gesang ergeben neun perfekte Thrashsongs, die ihresgleichen suchen und stark an die Glanzzeit des Thrash der 80er Jahre erinnert. Wer die ersten beiden Alben der Band mochte, wird von "Breaking The Silence" begeistert sein. Am besten gleich mal "Upcoming Terror" aufgelegt und im Anschluß das aktuelle Album. Fast kein Unterschied zu bemerken, und das ist auch gut so. Songs wie "Judas", "Turf War" oder auch "Kill Or Be Killed" hätten auch damals gut gepaßt. Einzig und allein der Sound ist heute etwas druckvoller und nicht mehr ganz so rau wie früher.

Als Rauschmeißer gibts dann noch das sehr punkige "I Like Cola", das sich vom Rest des Albums abhebt und erfrischend rau und chaotisch daherkommt und durch den punkigen Charme ebenfalls zu überzeugen weiß.

Neben den aktuellen Alben von SODOM und TANKARD hat eine weitere Band der alten Garde des deutschen Thrash ein absolutes Hammeralbum veröffentlicht. Hier können sich all die neuen Thrashbands mehr als nur eine Scheibe abschneiden.

7 von 7 Punkten

 Jan. 10 2011

German thrash metal produced by Harris Johns (Voivod/Kreator/Sodom). Very similar sounding to later day Sodom Assassin's-Breaking The Silence is 11 slabs of fast and furious no frills thrash. Tailor made for fans of At War, Sodom and Tankard Breaking The Silence is a worthwhile addition in the field of great German thrash metal releases. I don't know if it's something in the beer or what but Germany continues to be a source for some of the best thrash metal you can find. Assassin has a great sense of humor going on with tracks like "I Like Cola" but it's on tracks like "Judas" and "Kill Or Be Killed" that they really shine. That venom and rage works wonders for them. It's refreshing to hear the band return to their roots after some sub par releases that were more crossover in nature. Breaking The Silence finds the band returning to the sounds of 1987's The Upcoming Terror. In other words less hardcore and more thrash. Heavy thrash. Assassin might not ever be revered the way Kreater,Destruction and Sodom are in regards to German thrash. It would be hard for any band to live up to the greatness of those three. But give Assassin it's due for playing honest to goodness thrash that doesn't try to be trendy or slick. These guys are blue collar/blue jean thrashers. Breaking The Silence is highly recommended!
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Assassin - Breaking the Silence
Assassin - Breaking the Silence


Breaking The Silence

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